continues to rise

Despite the countries best efforts unemployment continues to rise across the country. Despair and defeatism are taking grip among what used to be some of the hardest working communities in the nation.

Unemploymentor.com was created in order to provide a voice, a helping hand, and a resource for those that have found themselves in the unemployment line.

Unemployment continues to rise

Unemployment News

National Unemployment Rate


State with highest unemployment



The unemployment rate for Nevada has increased.
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Nevada unemployment.

State with lowest unemployment

North Dakota


The unemployment rate for North Dakota has decreased.
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North Dakota unemployment.

Unemployment Action

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Unemployment Crisis Center

Unemployment recovery plan

If you are reading this it is probably because your job was another causality of the economic crisis. While it's tempting to hide in a corner and wait for the crisis to be over, you simply do not have that luxury. It is best to get productive preparing and executing your own unemployment recovery plan.

Controlling the stress of unemployment

The stress of unemployment can make many loose hope, motivation and energy needed to get to the next job. Here are seven ways to help keep stress under control.

Find a job, plan for the future

While these are trying circumstances, you must not get discouraged. It's time to look at this as an opportunity and find a job that will set you on a strong path towards the future.